Healthy Natural Hair

//Healthy Natural Hair

Listen to your hair. I truly believe we would not have so many hair mishaps if we stopped and paid more attention to what our hair is telling us. Our hair is constantly talking to us, and we are not listening. You know that product you bought at your favorite store yesterday that is packed with a bunch of chemicals. Yeah, that one, the same one that did not work and is now in a bin in the corner with the rest of the products that do not work. Your hair may be telling you it likes natural products or it may be saying that the product is not enough. If your hair does not react positively to something, stop and figure out at what point your hair said NO!!! Once you found that point remove that step/ product from your process. Do not be afraid to throw out your whole regimen and start from scratch. Keep in mind once you understand your hair the battle is halfway won.

Watch what you eat. Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? Well whoever came up with the saying hit the nail on the head. Think of it like this if you only eat unhealthy foods your body won’t perform at its peak. If your body is struggling to get the nutrients it needs from food it will neglect development of unnecessary processes, such as hair growth. The body does this to ensure the repair and development of organs and processes required for survival can occur. Eating healthy provides your body with nutrients it needs to operate at its peak. The better you feed your body, the more likely your hair will be nourished and grow healthier from the inside out. Most people think what they put on their hair is the key to healthy hair, but that is only part of the story. What you put in your body will come out in one form or another. Now I am not saying you have to stop eating pizza or burgers but what I am saying is eat more vegetables, protein rich foods, and make healthier choices.

Power of vitamins. You have to love vitamins. Lol No, you do not but you should have some respect for them. You cannot get all of the vitamins from the food you eat. To offset that it is a good idea to take vitamins every day. Vitamins are great for overall health and to take it one step further vitamins with B complex can help with hair growth.

Great workout. Who likes to workout at 5am? Not me, but I get up and workout. Exercising is good for many reasons, it keeps you in shape and healthy. Exercising helps blood circulation and increased blood flow to the scalp helps in hair growth. So let me break it down a little. Oxygen-rich blood carries nutrients such as antioxidants throughout the body. Antioxidants in the blood help to destroy free radicals that can damage hair. When blood flow is increased to the scalp, the more nutrients are available for optimal hair growth. Hence, exercising helps to maintain hair health and growth. Another bonus, exercising helps relieve stress. We all know stress can wreak havoc on our hair by causing hair loss.

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