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Do’s and Don’ts for Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Hey Beautifuls! This week in Healthy Hair Tips Corner we will discuss hair extensions. Over the next couple of tips, we will talk about the myths and understanding hair extension and how to care for them and your hair. As always if you have any questions or want us to talk about a [...]

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Healthy Hair Tips: Dry Scalp

Suffering from dry scalp Hey Beautifuls! Our Healthy Hair Tip will discuss dry scalp. It never fails we find the cutest style and two to three days later our scalp starts itching and becoming irritated. We cannot seem to figure out why our hair feels moisturized but our scalp does not. If you thought dandruff [...]

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The Anatomy of Hair

The Anatomy of Hair Healthy Hair 101 Parts of Hair Hair Follicle Tiny indentations in the skin Comprised of living cells where the hair grows. The root sheath protrudes through the top layer of skin and is the point of exit for the hair shaft through the skin. Sebaceous Glands Located next to [...]

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Cleanse Your Beautifully Natural Hair

Cleanse Your Beautifully Natural Hair When I began my natural hair journey, I listened to everyone and washed my hair with shampoo every week. Oh, how that was the absolute wrong move for ME! I noticed shampoos stripped and dried out my hair. Don’t get me wrong I know shampoos are meant to remove dirt [...]

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Healthy Hair Tips: Thyme

    Thanks for stopping by Beautiful Fusion’s Healthy Hair Tips, today’s focus is Thyme. Thyme is an amazing herb. Not only is it great in food it is also great for healthy hair. Helps improve the health of hair by improving blood circulation and shine. It is also a natural antiseptic preventing and [...]

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