Which One: Amino Acid or Protein

Hey Beautifuls, thanks for coming by our Healthy Hair Corner. This week lets talk about the difference between amino acids and proteins. Amino Acids What are amino acids? So, the scientific answer is molecules that make up proteins (building blocks of protein). I can go into more detail on the process, but the result is [...]

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How to keep your hair healthy while wearing braids

Wearing Braids Hey Beautifuls! Thanks for stopping by our Healthy Hair Tips Corner. We will be discussing steps you can follow while wearing braids. Just a reminder, wearing braids does not mean you can neglect your hair in any way. To maintain the health of our hair, we must ensure we take the necessary steps [...]

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Healthy Natural Hair

Listen to your hair. I truly believe we would not have so many hair mishaps if we stopped and paid more attention to what our hair is telling us. Our hair is constantly talking to us, and we are not listening. You know that product you bought at your favorite store yesterday that is packed [...]

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