Cleanse Your Beautifully Natural Hair

//Cleanse Your Beautifully Natural Hair

Cleanse Your Beautifully Natural Hair

When I began my natural hair journey, I listened to everyone and washed my hair with shampoo every week. Oh, how that was the absolute wrong move for ME! I noticed shampoos stripped and dried out my hair. Don’t get me wrong I know shampoos are meant to remove dirt and oils from the strands and clean the follicles. But the truth is I didn’t like how it made my hair feel. I did not take into account what my hair liked and needed. As time went on, and I realized that I should listen to my hair, I began shampooing my hair less and less. I started co-washing (washing hair with conditioner) my hair instead of using shampoo and decreased wash days. My hair had a better reaction but over time I realized it needed to be cleansed. So I decided every couple of months depending on the amount of product I used I would use a cleanser to clean my hair and scalp fully. My hair loved it!

Shampoo Tips

  • Use gentle shampoos or shampoos made with natural ingredients
  • Clarifying sulfate free shampoos surfactant to remove dirt and oil from the hair. Most contain essential oils to help cleanse and treat hair and scalp.
  • Shampoos aid in lifting cuticles to ensure dirt is released. Conditioner does not raise cuticle like shampoo.

Co-Washing Tips to consider

  • People suffering from skin conditions should consult their dermatologist before deciding to only co-wash their hair.
  • Listen to your hair. Depending on your hair, it may not be necessary or recommended to wash your hair daily or often.
  • To ensure dirt is loosened it is recommended to massage hair and scalp before co-washing under warm running water. It is also good practice to massage hair and scalp during the co-washing process.
  • Ensure your desired conditioner contains protein, emollients, and humectants. Protein repairs weak hair, emollients add shine to lackluster hair, and humectants lock moisture into the hair.
  • Make sure you read the ingredients label of every product you use. Make sure the conditioner you decide to use do not contain silicone. Silicones are not water soluble and can pose a bigger problem than intended. So when you look at the ingredients list, and you see words ending with “cone” it contains silicones.
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