Do’s and Don’ts for Hair Extensions

//Do’s and Don’ts for Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Hey Beautifuls! This week in Healthy Hair Tips Corner we will discuss hair extensions. Over the next couple of tips, we will talk about the myths and understanding hair extension and how to care for them and your hair. As always if you have any questions or want us to talk about a particular topic, please email us or post on any of our social media accounts.

There is a common misconception that hair extensions whether in the form of braids, cornrows, or sew-ins make your hair grow and sometimes even faster than normal. Do not worry I used to think the same thing but I am here to tell you it is not true. Hair does not grow faster it may seem like it but when your hair is bonded style it does not require as much manipulation. These protective styles help to retain length or the growth achieved during the time of installment. For example, when I wear twist I do not have to brush or comb my hair the entire the twist are in and the absence of manipulation helps to reduce the amount of stress which reduce breakage. Do not misunderstand, there is normal breakage (shedding) that happens regardless of what your hair is going through.

These protective styles help to reduce manipulation of hair strands as well as create a protective barrier from harsh weather such as cold, dry heat, wind conditions, and too much sunshine. I once read an article that compared hair to a rope. I thought it was spot on, it stated when the rope is frayed and each strand is standing alone it is vulnerable to normal wear and tear and it is weaker but when the rope is bonded together each strand is stronger because it has the other to help hold the weight. The same thing can be said for hair. Think about it when your hair loose and in a gorgeous style it has the tendency to dry out quicker than when it is in twist or braids. Your hair acts even better when you add hair extensions, which serves as a reinforcement.

Protective styles have the potential to aid in hair lengthening, but we do not want to let this time pass and neglect our hair health. Even though your hair is not being manipulated as much, maintenance is still required. Not only do you have to cleanse your hair you have to moisturize and condition it in order to reap the benefits of the benefits of wearing extensions or low manipulation hairstyles. If you wear these styles and you do not take care of your hair you are basically wasting your time and when you take the style out you will have to do damage control that may result in no visible length retention (cutting off the damaged ends).

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  1. topnaturalhair April 11, 2016 at 11:35 am - Reply

    I like your post.According to me hair extension taking additional hair and adding it to your own hair creating lots of volume and or length. This can be done using several different methods. The most popular methods are strand by strand, weaving, braiding, bonding, seamless, clips and more. We suggest using only Human Hair since you are able to treat the hair just as you would your own. It give us different looks and style.

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