Healthy Hair Tips: Dry Scalp

//Healthy Hair Tips: Dry Scalp

Suffering from dry scalp

Hey Beautifuls! Our Healthy Hair Tip will discuss dry scalp. It never fails we find the cutest style and two to three days later our scalp starts itching and becoming irritated. We cannot seem to figure out why our hair feels moisturized but our scalp does not. If you thought dandruff was the cause you might be right and if you thought it was dry scalp you also may be right.


To date, there is no concrete understanding of what causes dandruff but the fungus Malassezia may play a role. This fungus is commonly found in the skin but like anything else when too much is present it will have an adverse effect.

Seborrheic dermatitis (seborrhea) is a form of dandruff that is treatable. It causes skin irritation, redness, itching, and flaking.

Scalp psoriasis

Is caused by the immune system triggering too many skin cells to grow on various parts of the body. Scalp psoriasis can be confused with dandruff because of the similar symptoms, itching, and flaking.


Another skin condition is eczema, and it is most common in babies, but adults can have it as well. The cause of eczema is unknown but depending on the severity, treatment can be moisturizers to steroid cream to relieve symptoms.
These scalp conditions can turn a gorgeous and supposed to be long lasting protective style into a train wreck in less than a week. Left untreated they can develop into something worst and in some cases cause hair loss (due to intense scratching). Below are some ways to treat and hopefully remediate the problem.

Coconut oil

One of my all-time favorite oils to use, period. It is great for your skin as well as for your hair. It is an awesome carrier oil to get vital nutrients into the hair strand, and it coats the scalp and hair with lasting moisturizing properties.

Hair care regimen

Everyone needs a regimen to get things done. The same holds true for our hair. Without a proper routine, our hair will suffer and become problematic. The best way to determine what kind of regimen your hair needs you first have to figure what your hair likes. You have to pay attention to it when it reacts to manipulations and products.
For example, when I began my natural hair journey I washed my hair weekly, and it was consistently dry and brittle but everyone said washing weekly was the right thing to do. In my case everyone was wrong, my hair hated it. When I finally started listening to my hair and only washed it when it prompted me, it reacted better to styles, and I was able to determine which products worked and which did not.

I eventually realized my hair loved to be co-washed and hated shampoo. I started co-washing every two weeks sometimes three, and I would cleanse my hair once every month and a half to two months, depending on the amount of products used. To find out what regimen works best for your hair, you have to experiment. You also must keep in mind that over time your hair will change and the same regimen you have been using over the years may not be adequate now.

Lack of moisture

If your hair is like mine it wants and needs a lot of moisture. Every time I co-wash my hair it turns into a deep condition and hot oil treatment. I also actively search for ingredients that will naturally moisturize my hair and scalp. I have noticed that the natural products work best for my hair and last longer. Now that may not be the same case for everyone but it does hold true for me.

Tricks that I have come across are using spray bottles filled with a little bit of water, leave in conditioner, and Gold Rush hair oil. This mixture is excellent when my hair is in two strand twist or box braids, when my scalp is exposed more than normal. If I had not made the mix, I will use the Gold Rush oil mix and rub it into my scalp, giving my scalp and hair moisture.

Product Buildup

Another culprit to dry scalp is using too much product or the wrong products altogether. Some products have ingredients in it that cause it to sit on top of the scalp that clogs pores and aggravates the scalp. I do not use a lot of products because I have found that most products filled with chemicals do not work well for my hair. Plus I learned a long time ago that if you cannot apply the product directly to your skin you should not put it in your hair. Be mindful of what products you use.
I know a lot of people that use pomades, hair sprays, and mousse to get their hair to lay down and what I like to say “act right.” At one point, I was one of them but when I saw the light and realized I was wasting my money on products that did not work I stopped and started doing research. At that time I embraced the fact that my hair does what it wants and some things I will not be able to control, so I just deal with it and don’t stress. Lol For those who use a lot of products you may want to wash more regularly or research products that I like to call “all in one.” These products perform multiple jobs, but you only have to apply once like Cake Batter moisturizer from our product line.

Healthy Living

Until now we have addressed ways to combat dryness externally. We also have to keep in mind that what we eat can harm us. You know the old saying you are what you eat. Making healthier choices will encourage healthy hair growth by creating a healthy environment. Adding more green vegetables to your diet will help increase nutrients and drinking at least the recommended amount of water a day will contribute to increasing your body’s moisture level. Another key element to healthy hair growth is consistently taking vitamins to replenish your body’s natural levels. When the body has the proper amount of nutrients it will use it for secondary and tertiary processes. If it does not have enough it will only support processes that will keep you alive. Even though hair growth may be a life and death problem to us our body does not see hair growth in the same manner. So ensure your body has the proper amount of nutrients (vitamins, water, and etc.) to function properly.

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