Which One: Amino Acid or Protein

//Which One: Amino Acid or Protein

Hey Beautifuls, thanks for coming by our Healthy Hair Corner. This week lets talk about the difference between amino acids and proteins.

Amino Acids

What are amino acids? So, the scientific answer is molecules that make up proteins (building blocks of protein). I can go into more detail on the process, but the result is the same. Our bodies naturally make some amino acids and others found in plants. Amino acids found in a large proportion of cells such as muscles and tissues. They also play a key role in transport and storage of nutrients. Amino acids aid in removing wastes produced by the metabolism process as well as healing damaged tissues, bone, HAIR, skin, and muscles. Yes, I said amino acids help repair damaged hair.

Each strand of hair is composed of amino acid, hydrogen and disulfide bonds. Ingesting or treating your hair with amino acids can help to repair and strengthen your hair. So here is the concept, just like anything else in the body. If the body has the optimal amount of a needed substance, it will operate at a higher level. For example, the body needs an adequate amount of water to survive. If you are slightly dehydrated (which does not take much) your body will begin to take the necessary precautions to preserve life, meaning normal processes that do not have an immediate effect on survival will reap the benefits of water. For example, hydrogen bonds in hair are from the availability of water molecules but since hair growth or sustainment does not help in sustaining life, those molecules will be diverted somewhere else. But enough about that… lol Amino acids are the same way, the body naturally allocates nutrients and other elements to ensure life, as stated before amino acids are used in abundance for various processes. To ensure hair strands have an optimal amount of amino acids some people including myself either take amino acid supplements or treat their hair with some amino acid treatment. Depending on what is going on in myself determines which technique I will employ. Lol

Amino Acid Treatment
I like treating my hair with amino acids. After each treatment, my hair feels rejuvenated and extremely soft. Keep in mind, I use a couple of mixtures, depending on how lazy I am feeling at the time (being honest). In my opinion, this type of treatment is less invasive and straining on my hair compared to protein treatments. One reason, amino acids penetrate the strands and repair and replace the damage. Whereas, protein treatments cover the strand. Another thing about protein treatments that can make them a hit or miss is their ability to enter the strand.


What is protein? It is made up of amino acids. It is required in a variety of processes in the body needed to function. For the purpose of this blog, we will exclusively talk about keratin protein. This protein makes up the structure of each hair strand. Keratin is high in fibrous protein and sulfur to include eighteen amino acids. Keratin is also considered resilient. That makes sense, healthy hair can take a lot of pulling and tugging and bounce back to its original shape.

Protein Treatment

Like I stated before, protein treatments are great, and I often treat my hair with them. The trick is to find a good one, a treatment that will help improve hair health. Proteins by nature are big and bulky; they are made only to fit one specific shape. If you buy a protein treatment that cannot enter the strands, then you are wasting your money. Your hair knows what it likes, listen to it. After a protein treatment, your hair feels heavy and lifeless then you have an ineffective protein treatment.

So by now you are asking which one I should use… Ask your hair!!! Being natural is 90% trial and error. Try a protein treatment (wheat protein is a good one, for me) and then try an amino acid treatment. Let your hair decide. But before you try anything, please research and check out different people’s reviews. No need to waste money! When I treat my hair to an amino acid treatment I use liquid amino acids, and I either make an all-natural (groceries) mix or I add it to my conditioner. I prefer to use amino acids because they have a greater chance of penetrating the follicles and it is adding the most important elements to the hair, no need to break anything down.

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